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The eMa Builder Program:

Provided by  Customs Alley LLC. An  eMa Motorworks LLC. Sister Company

Since 2007 eMa Motorworks' founder, A.D. Sanders, has dissected, analyzed and improved the reverse trike concept while selling hundreds of kits worldwide through several companies, with Customs Alley LLC as the latest iteration.  The knowledge gained through this process led to the powerful, stylish and refined full production reverse trikes now offered by eMa Motorworks as the Kipanga S and Kipanga SR.  


His experience proved that the model of initially selling new designs as kits to gauge market demand was a successful approach.  Because we value those who like the feel of accomplishment from building something themselves and those who like to be early adopters our sister company, Customs Alley LLC, will continue offering developmental 3-wheeled motorcycles and reverse trikes through a BYOM (Bring Your Own Motor) Builder Program which will continue selling various stages of kits that fit our customers' skill levels.  Buying kits also offers international customers the opportunity to enjoy our unique high performance reverse trikes in countries where we do not yet have the required approvals to sell a finished vehicle.  Based on customer feedback the most popular models will eventually make it into series production through eMa Motorworks and will no longer be available as kits while we will continue offering others in our Builder Program as kits only.


Over 300 builder program kits have been sold around the world with satisfied customers from Dubai to the USA proving the reliability of the components used in all our 3-wheel motorcycles/reverse trikes. 



NOTE: Only the Venom SS Builder Package includes the motor and transmission.  All other Builder Program models are sold as BYOM kits.

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