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eMa Motorworks B.Y.O.M Builder Program


Answers to our most Frequently Asked Question concerning our kits and the eMa Builder Program.


What again is your B.Y.O.M Builder Program?


eMa Motorworks, in keeping with the tradition which helped build this company, will continue offering early adopters the ability to purchase some of our prototypes as Self-Build Kits, while we do final Market Feasibility and product R&D necessary to put a vehicle into full production. Most of the kits available in the Builder Program from eMa Motorworks LLC. will be vehicles we are strongly considering for series production, or that we hope to export but have not yet taken the necessary regulatory steps to be able to ship into a specific country. 

eMa Motorworks LLC. is  a NHTSA and DOT licensed motorcycle manufacturer, which makes ownership of our vehicles more universally available.


What are the Venom S and Venom SS

The Venom S is a Motorcycle engine based version of our autocycles, whereas the Venom SS  is a car based engine version of our autocycle. Both made with custom manufactured parts that allows you assemble it yourself, you know the "Built Not Bought" mantra.


Is the Venom S or Venom SS sold like your other 3-wheel motorcycles?


No, we only sell them as Turnkey Minus kits, which can be assembled by you if you have the skills, or by your mechanic.  Under the eMa Builder Program you're purchasing a Turnkey Minus Roller Kit. These are generally sold to early adopters who can't wait to see if we choose to put a specific style reverse trike into series production. Or for those who prefer to say "I Built It".


What are the components included and needed to complete either the Venom S or Venom SS


We provide everything needed as listed for you to complete the build except the motor, wiring harnesses and gauges from the donor motorcycle. The Venom SS comes with the motor and transmission, wiring harness and gauges.


How Do I Register a Venom S or Venom SS?


Both the  Venom S and Venom SS are kits, and can be registered as a new custom vehicle/motorcycle. We Provide a MSO (a Manufacurer, Statement of Origin) for the components we supply, however every state is different so you must check with your local DMV for a more specifc answer.  Here is a link to a helpful tutorial on the process: 

NOTE: Neither eMa Motorworks LLC nor Customers Alley LLC is in anyway affliiated with we make no claim of authorship, nor can we validate the accuracy of their information.


Can I purchase the Kipanga S or Kipanga SR under the eMa Builder Program?


Any vehicle that makes it past the eMa Builder Program into series production like the Kipanga S and Kipanga SR will no longer be sold as kits.  We appreciate your interest, so you'll be happy to know that you can still buy the Venom S or the Venom SS models through our Builder Program as complete Packages coupling the Venom SS with an  eMa Motorworks performance engine package.  This gives plenty of room for you to customize your Venom from mild to wild, while having the pleasure of building one yourself.

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