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eMa Hammerhead GTS - So different that it deserves its own page!!!


Why is the eMa Hammerhead GTS unrivaled?

Try a 350 hp, 300 lb-ft of torque and whopping 8200 rpm high revving turbocharged inline 4cyl - Toyota sourced, but totally custom-built internals. That plus the lightweight design helps this beast top 180 mph!


Yes. you read correctly......A 180+ miles per hour street legal 3-Wheel Motorcycle!!!


Better than supercar performance, reasonably priced at $65,500.00


                            Guaranteed Financing

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To achieve this performance we do more than simply turbo a stock motor. The chassis, wheel, tire and brake packages are all upgraded to safely accommodate these speeds while keeping the vehicle "streetable".


What do you get?



0-60 mph:  2.6 Seconds 

Top speed:  180 mph +

Lateral Acceleration:  1.8g + (Tires Dependent)


Wheels & Tires


  • Pirelli P Zero 265/30/ZR19 (Front) Custom All Carbon Fiber 19x10.5 Wheels

  • Pirelli P Zero 305/30/ZR19 (Rear) Custom All Carbon Fiber 19x12.0 Wheels NOTE: These wheels reduce unsprung weight by 45lbs




  • Slotted/drilled brake system 365mm x 38mm 6 piston front, 4 piston rear




  • Billet Aluminum single sided swingarm, AFCO Dual adjustable monoshock

  • Billet Aluminum Unequally Opposed Triangulated Upper and lower A-Arms with adjustable coilovers and sway bar




We start with a Toyota 4cyl block with Toyota crank and rod bearings built to our achieve a reliable 8200rpm.  Then we heavily modify it with:


  • eMa 1.8 VVTL-i Engine with eMa forged slip-in piston and rod combo

  • eMa Forged JE Pistons, custom compression, & Total Seal Rings

  • eMa 4340 H-Beam Rods

  • eMa ceramic coated turbo exhaust manifold w/ Bosch O2 sensor, custom stainless 3.0" dump w/ O2 bung

  • eMa Stand-Alone Engine Harness & OE ECM System, OBD2 compliant, configured for electronic drive by wire throttle

  • eMa Turbo Water Block

  • eMa Billet -6AN Fuel rail adapter

  • eMa DBW Pedal

  • eMa MAF Sensor & Aluminum MAF Sensor housing, TIG Welded

  • eMa Stage custom Turbo kit w/ GT30 Series Ball-Bearing turbo w/ v-band 3.0" stainless exhaust, Tial 38mm external wastegate w/ stainless dump

  • Siemens 80# injectors

  • Toyota 3-BAR MAP Sensor

  • eMa Top Mount Air to Air Intercooler option w/ all Aluminum TIG welded piping, painted mount, silicone and couplers

  • Tial 50MM blow off valve

  • eMa high flow air filter w. silicone coupler

  • eMa ECM STAGE IIII ECM calibration

  • Bench tested, race prepped, assembled and eMa Quality Control assured (something you'll become familiar with from eMa Motorworks). 


All Hammerhead GTS's come with a durable 6 speed manual transmission with mechanical reverse.


Production of the eMa Motorworks Hammerhead GTS will be limited to 24 units per year.


ALL our Production  series reverse trikes will have a complete 17 digit VIN (vehicle identification number) and not an 8 or 14 digit "Specialty Construction" DMV or state issued number.  Unlike vehicles with 8 to 14 digit State Issued numbers owners of our vehicles will have no problems financing, insuring, transferring ownership or driving across the US border which will add to the market value of eMa Motorworks produced reverse trikes.  This full VIN means you can now Finance your brand new Hammerhead SR instead of having to pay in full before taking delivery


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